geo Sprint Novadus

amino acids,methionine,phenylamine

geo sprint Novadus is a special product that activates natural ripening and coloring of fruits. Its components, two special amino acids, methionine and phenylamine, stimulate the biochemical functions of plants that are responsible for better fruit coloration, highier sugar consentration, color uniformity and maturation



Mono-di-trisaccharides:  25%
Phosphorus P
2O5 ........10%
Potassium (Κ
Organic Carbon….10%
(Μethionine, phenylamine)


  • Increase and uniformity of color and brightness of the fruit
  • Increase in weight and size
  • Increase in sugar
  • Better post-collector management
  • Uniform and balanced maturation
  • It increases the density of the fruits

Doses and Modality of use

  • Dosage 200-300ml/100lt
  • Vines : 3 applications wrist creation, enlargement of fruit, principle of color change
  • Melon - Watermelon creation opf wrist, enlargement of fruit, after 15 days from the previous
  • Promegranates - walnuts : wine making, wrist enhancement, color changing principle
  • Kiwi : 2 applications after the summer
  • Strawberry, tomato, pepper, cucumber
  • Principle of color change

Available Packages

Bottle 1lt

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Tags: amino acids, methionine, phenylamine