geo Manifert Complex

complex micronutrients, micro elements

Manifert Complex is a unique complex of trace amounts of high content, distinguishead by the high density and quantity of trace elements with an emphasis on iron and manganese.

Its form ensures rapid correction or prevention of the trace element deficiency in plants, in leaf applications (leaflets). Enhances the quality and weight of the final harvest ensures vividly resistant plants.



Iron (Fe) ...3,4%  
Manganese (Mn)... 2,1% 
Zinic (Zn)... 0,6% 
Βoron (B) ...0,7% 
Cooper (Cu) ...0,4% 
Molybdenum (Mo)... 0,2%


  • Correction or prevention of deficiency of trace elements in plants, in leaf applications (leaflets).
  • It strengthens the quality and weight of the final harvest. 
  • Provides vividly resistants plants.
  • It gives energy to plants.


Mainly for fruit, kiwi, vines, pistachios, pomegranates, bean, cotton, grain, citrus, outdoor greenhouse, gardening.


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Tags: complex micronutrients, micro elements