geo Manifert Ca-Mg


Pioneer Calcium-Magnesium compound natural compexing agent is ammonium lignosulphonate (LSA) where it combines with the plant extracts that make it distinguishable for its high penetration, absorption efficiency and assimilation of the elements without the risk of plant-toxicity.



Calcium CaO 10%  
Magnesium Mg 4%


  • Dealing with normal fruit abnormalities such as better pit, crunchy cherries, black pepper in tomato, dry pepper top. 
  • It strengthens the cell walls. 
  • Longer fruit and vegetable maintenance times.
  • It increases synthesis of protein and nucleic acids.
  • It enhances photosynthetic ability


  • Generic dosage 200-300ml/100lit 
  • Vines: 3 applications, after flowering, in the closure of the bunches and 15 days after the previous one.
  • Tree sprout 2-3 applications starting the first after flowering or before flowering in the carpus and 10-15 days after.
  • Horticultural 3-4 applications the first after transplanting, at the beginning of flowering and 10 days after.
  • Strawberries 2 applications at the beginning of the vegetation and just before the flowering.

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