geo HUMUS soil conditioner, vermicompost

 Geo HUMUS is an organic fertilizer and soil conditioner. The raw materials used for its production are 100% natural.


It undergoes a process know as vermicpmposting in which two specific types of earthworms Eisenia fetida and Eisenia andrei, treat the original material to produce fine humus.The end product is rich in humic acids, trace elements, plant hormones and most importantly beneficial microorganisms which make it an excellent soil enhancing agent


It increases soil fertility and it is necessary during tranplants since it improves the organic matter of the soil and it increases the cation exchange capacity ( CEC )  



Horticultural and greenhouse plants: 


100 – 150gr in every pit during pnanting.
150 – 200gr for each growth stage (Flowering,fruiting, post-harvest ) 


Flowers : 


70 – 120gr in every pit during transplants. 
150 – 200gr (depending on the size of the plant and pot) on the soil surface for each growth stage. 


Fruits–Olive trees–Vine yards: 


300 – 400gr in every pit during transplants.
2 – 3kg for young trees up to 4 years old. 
4-5 kg bigger trees, more then 5 years old

Lawn : 10-15lt/10m2

Mixtures: 50-100ll/m2

Available packages

1lit box, bags 6lit, 18lit, 36lit.

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