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Humulated natural cutting with 5-10% humus. Its high quality characteristics ( free from weeds, pathogenic microorganisms and odors ) and its rich natural ingredients make it indispensable to replace common manure and use it in more moderately controlled amounts in all crops





  • It improves the physical properties of the soil and in particular, permeability, posrosity, water resistance and soil structure in general
  • It increases the amount of organic substance in the soil
  • It increases the root system
  • It increases the CEC
  • With a smaller amount we take all the benefits of common manure ( 300kg of geo COPRAHUM = 1 tonne of manure ) and we save it from weeds , pathogenic microorganisms and odor.

Use - Dosages

Horticultural outdoor  :
200 – 300gr in each planting hole during first plant installation
300 – 400gr at each stage of growth around the plant


Nurseries :
150 – 200gr during transplantation at each planting hole
150 – 300gr ( and depending on the size of the plant or pot ) surface at each stage of development


Fruits Olive trees  : 
300 – 400gr during transplantation at each planting hole
2 – 3kg in young trees , surface with good integration in the early stages of production


Μixtures :
150 – 200lt per cubic meter

Available packages

bag 12lt, bag 60lt

Safety Data Sheet


Technical Leaflet


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