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Calcium Sulphate is a natural mineral that is used to improve the physico-chemical properties of soil and also provide nutrients, calcium and sulfur, also acts as a pH regulator as it neutralizes both the alkalinity and the acidity of the soil ( gives a pH of 6.5 )



Calcium (CaO) …......32-34%, Sulfur (S)........18% 


  • It helps to break the soil crust, resulting in better soil ventilation
  • Τhe best drainage
  • The easier development of the root system and the creation of the microorganisms
  • Calcium sulphate is a natural source of calcium and sulfur with very good and fast absorption capacity

Use dosages

  • Necessary in all problematic soils, especially in crops that have calcium and sulfur requirements with great advantage not to affect pH
  • Fruits, apples, pears,  peaches
  • Vegetables, beets, beans, melons, tomatoes, peppers, potatoes
  • To provide nutrients 2 times a year at the beginning of the crop and after the harvest
  • 3-5kg/10m2 
  • For pH improvement 1000-1500kg/ha

Available packages

bag 1Kg, bag 3Kg, bag 30Kg

Safety Data Sheet


Τechnical Leaflet


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