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proteins, amino acid, trace elements, natural vitamins

geo Virtis-top is a high purity bioinitiator, proteins, amino acid, trace elements and natural vitamins that help plant growth.

Its composition is the basis for the optimal enzymatic function where it depends on the speed of reaction of the biochemical activities as well as the saving and the available energy on the plants. 



Amino Acids, Ascophylloum Nodosum, Trace Elements (EDTA, EDDHA), Extracts 


  • Better fruit quality.
  • Increase production 


Fruit-vegetable-tobacco-melon: 2-3 application. It is applied only to leaflets mainly in crops that have been is recommended from the first start (spore-transplantation) and from the initial vegetation. The first of the second spraying has a 5-7 day difference and the third 15-20 days at a dosage of 200ml/80lit water.

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Tags: proteins, amino acid, trace elements, natural vitamins