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fertilizer, copper, aminoacids

A high-tech product that combines natural substances  (D-glucosamine and aminoacids) with copper, thereby increasing the activity of endogenous plant defense mechanisms as well as the overall growth of the plant by encouraging all vital processes

Intercare Cu also performs a dual function : it nourishes plants and strengthens the natural resistance system



Aminoacids : 10,0 %

Copper (Cu EDTA) sol. in water: 8,0 %


  • It accelerates the proliferation of cells.
  • It improves the growth of buds.
  • It increases chlorophyll composition and photosynthetic ability with consequent increase in dry matter and sugars.
  • It improves the resistance of plants to adverse conditions, biotic and abiotic

Uses- Dosages

The dosages are reported for 100 liters of water or per acre

Peach, apricot, cherry, etc.: Starting from the carp  (2-3 application): 150-200ml/100lit. 
It is recommended to repeat after harvest at a dose of 150ml/100lit. 
Caution!! In some varietes that are sensitive to copper, can cause minor burns.


Apple, pear : After harvest, from the beginning of leaf drop 200ml/100lit 

Throughout the growing season ( 3-4 applications ) : 200ml/100lit


Olive : Throughout the growing season ( 3-4 applications ) : 200-250 ml/100lit

Tomato, potato, eggplant, pepper, cucumber, beans etc .:
From the early stages of cultivation  (3-4 applications ): 100-150ml/100lit 


Leafy vegetables : From the early stages of cultivation (3-4 applications ): 50-100 ml/100lit

Decorative and flower crops :
From the early stages of cultivation (3-4 applications ): 50-100 ml/100lit ​

Available Packages

Bottle 100ml, Bottle 200ml, Bottle 1lt, 

Safety Data Sheet


Technical Leaflet


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