Agrophyte high PK


High density phosphate-potassium fertilizer in the absence of nitrogen. Mainly when ripening starts

They are characterized for rapid absorption and intense mobility from roots and leaves for chemical stability in plant tissues ( i.e., without reacting with other elements ) , thus providing enhancement of flowering and fruit setting, increase of the root system, faster metabolism of nitrogen, strengthening the defense system.

For all dymanic crops, especially those in need of phosphorus and potassium.



P2O5..... 25 %, K2O.....22,5%  


  • Increase root system
  • Better fruit quality
  • Strengthening flowering and fruit setting
  • Strengthen the defence system  

Doses and modality of use

Dosages 250-300ml/100lit water  Water filtering 

500-700ml/ha watering at the root

Available packages

 1 liter , 3 liter 

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