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Manifert B-Zn is a pioneering complex of highly concentrated solution of boron (monoethanolamine) and chelate (EDTA) zinic.

Its shape and high concentration of components provides rapid correction or prevention of boron and zinic deficiency in plants in foliar applications.



Boron (B)  (Monoethanolamin)…….10 %
Zinic (Zn) (EDTA)..…………….......2 %  


  • Dealing with physiological abnormalities in the leaves called microfill.
  • Helps synthesize tryptophan, which is growth aid. 
  • Prevent the fall of flowers. 
  • It flavors fertilization, pollen tube growth and fruit growth. 
  • It flavors the differentiation of flowers and fruit setting.


  • Carrots, Celery-Beetroot, Asparagus, Onions 100-200ml/100lit 
  • Cucumber, Lettuce, Spinach 200-300ml (in 4-6 leaves and again in the formation of heads) 
  • Tree crops, Vineyards, Kiwi 100-200ml/100lit (beginning of flowering and dropping of petals or formation of rails)

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