About us

Our history


GEO HUMUS is founded in Athens in 1985 by Konstantinos Stratigis, initially at the plant in Aspropyrgos Attica. Vermicompost is produced as an excellent product from red worms, a know how that is transported from Italy and USA.

In 1990 offices and production were transferred to a privately owned site in Magoula Attica

Each year, new products are added to the range with an emphasis on organic, new collaborations with overseas firms are being built.

In 2017, the company is changing its shape and new blood enters the company that aims to introduce new technology in the stages of production, to broaden the range of organic products, to seek new ideas and innovative solutions for the Greek farmer, always maintaining the environmental consciousness.

GEO HUMUS supplies its products to agricultural cooperatives, agricultural stores and nurseries.

GEO HUMUS supports the Greek farmer, the agronomist shopkeeper and agronomist consultant, transferring the experience and knowledge accumulated over the year.

Our aim is to contribute to a more productive , safer and better-quality agriculture that respects man and nature, helping the Greek producer to grow high value added products with increase production.